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This is an excellent option for DIYers who want to learn from an SEO pro at their own pace.

Online SEO Training With Nick Musica

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Learn SEO online from a pro. At your own pace. 

6 Reasons Why You Should Take This SEO Training

There are a ton of voices talking about SEO, but so many of them are just noise. Nick’s voice really stands out from the noise. It has been a voice that continues to express cutting edge strategy that brings success, and it is a voice that has been expressing these strategies since the early days of SEO. Nick’s insights and ideas have been some of the most insightful and actionable I have seen in my career.

Luke O'Leary, VP of Media Strategy and Operations at NP Digital

I refer to Nick as the Google Whisperer.

Shane Hale, Founder & CEO at Repeat Growth

Nick led our SEO efforts for 6 years at During that time, SEO traffic grew from 85M to 185M SEO visits a year. The work that Nick and his team contributed helped enable the growth of the company from a handful of full-time employees to upwards of 40 employees. If you’re responsible for growing SEO traffic for your small-medium size company take his course.

Bob Kurilko,
The "Corporate Defogger”

Congrats on creating your online class. I can’t believe you haven’t done it sooner. Your class is a valuable resource, and it is a needed alternative to the SEO BS that’s out there.

Ethan Orenstein, Entrepreneur

While I have 20 years of marketing experience and would like to think I can at least sound somewhat educated when I speak to my clients about SEO, the knowledge gap between myself and Nick is substantial. He is my go-to person for strategic keyword planning, content development, and on-page optimization. I talk to Nick when I have SEO questions because he has the answers.

Jeff Lerner, Fractional CMO for Startups

I was lucky enough to work alongside Nick at a publishing company in sunny SoCal for 2 years. He made it his mission to keep the entire team in the loop on all things SEO. But here's the kicker - he did it in a way that was so crystal clear and easy to grasp, even your grandma could get behind the latest SEO initiative.

Jenny Dempsey, GM of Jenny Dempsey Solutions

What You'll Learn

This SEO course is based on Nick’s experience since 2003 as an in-house SEO and consultant for small and medium-sized businesses since September of 2019.

You’ll learn proven SEO methodologies that repeatedly drive success, like the below results. This client went from zero SEO visits to 20K SEO visits a month using the methods covered in Nick's online SEO training. 

Nick covers the following aspects of SEO:

  • Technical SEO
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Operations
  • Reporting

Your Instructor - Nick Musica

Nick was an in-house SEO from 2003 through 2019 until he launched his SEO consultancy serving small & medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurs.

His career highlights include:

  • Increasing SEO traffic from 85M visits to 185M visits a year over a 6-year period as the Director of Content & SEO of
  • Co-Authoring When Search Meets Web Usability
  • Teaching SEO at the graduate level at New York University

14-Day Refund

You will get your money back if you decide this is not the right online SEO training for you. No questions asked.

Start Learning SEO Online Today!

This is an excellent option for DIYers who want to learn from an SEO pro at their own pace.

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