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Grow Your SEO Traffic

We’ve been practicing SEO since 2003. Our work spans industries, from cannabis to car insurance. We work with a variety of businesses models including those in the affiliate and lead generation space, as well as ecommerce websites.

The below SEO services are applicable to all industries and all sizes of websites.

SEO Site Audit

The SEO Site Audit is a good fit for companies that haven’t focused on growing their SEO traffic.

This SEO Audit delivers a roadmap of executable initiatives designed to increase your search engine rankings and SEO traffic. Audit findings are prioritizes to help you implement and achieve results fast.

This is a comprehensive audit of your site that includes insights on the following:

  • Crawl & indexation.
  • Page speed.
  • Canonicalization.
  • Google algorithm impacts from the last 12 months.
  • Title and meta tags.
  • On-page factors including: thin, duplicate, and low-quality pages.
  • Competitive ranking baseline.
  • Inbound link quality.

The above bullet points are only a sample of the critical areas that are examined.

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SEO Quality Audit for Sudden Traffic Drop

This SEO service is designed to answer the question, “What happened to our SEO traffic and how do we get it back?” after an abrupt decline in SEO traffic.

We will examine:

  • SEO traffic analysis, relative to Google’s Algorithm update(s) in question.
  • Technical SEO health.
  • Indexation & canonical implementation.
  • Thin and duplicate content.
  • YMYL & E-A-T, relative to your business category.
  • Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, reviewed and contextualized for your business category.

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SEO Consulting – Blocks of Time

Do you have SEO questions? We are in the business of providing SEO answers that help give direction.

These small blocks of SEO consulting hours are meant to remove obstacles to SEO success and provide the momentum you need to start meeting your SEO objectives. 

Whether you have question about how a current aspect of you technical SEO is implemented or if you are looking to understand how best to rank for a specific term, we are here to help.

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SEO Maintenance

Our SEO Maintenance package is designed for companies who care about their SEO health but who don’t need or want to allocate an internal resource to managing the day-to-day activities of monitoring and managing their SEO program.

We can help keep your SEO on track and increase SEO traffic. 

We will: 

  • Monitor SEO traffic weekly, monthly and during algorithm rollouts.
  • Provide content optimization recommendations: striking distance keywords, new content ideas, etc.
  • Keep the backlink profile clean of malicious or otherwise less-than desirable backlinks.
  • Conduct technical audits on a quarterly basis.
  • Monitor Google Search Console.
  • Conduct Onsite or remote training as needed.

All 12-month contracts include a subscription to a 3rd-party SEO tracking tool.

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Customized SEO Services

We understand that you may have a unique situation that calls for a customized approach. As practicing SEOs since 2003, we are well-suited to work with you and your team to create an SEO roadmap unique to your situation and goals.

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